The website is an element that, as we have already mentioned, will give your company a great series of publicity benefits which will indirectly increase sales. But let's talk about the direct benefits of having a website. We will use three classic marketing terms: publicity, promotion and sales venues.

  • Publicity: We have already talked about how your company will get great benefits from having a shocking publicity on your website. But let's talk about the advertising benefit in its most strict way: make something public. The Internet site will be a digital catalogue that will always be updated. You can create a section in which you will announce the new products or show them on the home page of the site -the page in which the company is introduced, the first one you see when you enter. Having a well positioned website in search engines and always updating it will make it easy for users to find the new products, the ones they generally need to buy. We don't need to explain how this aspect will increase your sales.
  • Promotion: In marketing, we call promotion to the benefits given to a certain product with the aim of making it more important and increasing its sales or making an amazing launch. How can you promote a website? In the first place, you can create a section of exclusive bargains in a way that only the people who enter the site will know about it. This will make each of the thousands of users who enter the page think they are the only ones who know about this and they will want to take advantage. In the second place, you can offer discount tickets for certain products. These tickets could be printed from the website and used in the shops where these products are available. By doing this, you will not only promote your products but also attract a huge amount of visitors to your page. In the third place, you can create a section in which the user will write the code number that is printed on these products and they will enter another page where they will get cinema tickets, theater tickets, etc.
  • Sales venue: One of the most important points in a good marketing campaign is to increase the sales venues and exploit the ones you already have. A website could be for you company a good way of opening the sales channels. A website could sell your products in any part of the world at any time. You can do all this without investing too much money: we are talking about a few more dollars. When you hire your site designer, you can ask him to design an e-commerce page. These are the ones which can sell by themselves: they have a list of products with their photo, description, price, stock, etc, and a shopping cart that is filled until the user decides to stop buying. These sites are a little more expensive than the ones that do no sell products, but it has a unique value if you compare it to your sales increase.

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