The Corporative identity is the group of design elements that, by having a coherent order, transmit the same and unique message. The goal of the corporative identity is to introduce the company and create an image for it that generates a greater amount of sales and enhances its situation in the market uniting the values and objectives of the main corresponding group. The main group is the group of people who share a similar consumer behavior and have the same direction in most of the company's sales.

The elements that integrate the corporative identity have a rather established order of importance: the corporative Logo is the most important element because it is fundamental and it is the founder. It is fundamental because a company will not launch a product without a Logo, and it is the founder because it is the first necessary element -it represents the company and the way it was designed will be the criteria that the next elements should follow. The website is considered the second element of importance. Some years ago, this was different, but due to the huge growth of the Internet traffic and the fact that it has become the first place to look for a product or a company, this situation has changed.

To make up a proper corporative identity, the elements should share the same criteria and characteristics. However, a design is the right one if it has a series of characteristics. So, the designer who is in charge of the job of developing an element that will be part of the corporative identity -like a website- should achieve a balance between the characteristics of the Web design and the established features he has to respect.

What happens when a design does not respect the group criteria? Many things could happen, it depends on the element. If we talk about the corporative website, you may have two problems. The first possibility is the rejection from the public. The consumers who are used to your company's designs will see that there is a change and will consider (subconsciously, of course) that this design does not represent the company or the image it has. In this case, the site becomes outdated, it does not represent the company and will have to be re-designed. The bad consequence is the waste of time and money, but it has a solution.

The other possibility is much more complicated. If the consumers identify this difference as a mistake, the public will give another meaning to the whole group. As the site is an element of great importance, the public could assume there are no mistakes on it and that its message is the right one. So, the public will think that they have misunderstood the message of the company up to that moment and will start to modify it to adapt it to the wrong message that the corporative website delivers.

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