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This design website is aimed at all those people who are interested in Web design. However, it is not an ordinary site. Generally, Web design sites give advice on how to design a page, how to do this or that, how to use a certain program, etc. We aim at another part of the design job: the client. All the available sites about this discipline are focused on the designer or the client with a commercial goal. It means: they are aimed at helping the designers or selling services to the clients. Here, we do something different: we help the client. On this site you will find a series of suggestions, theoretical and practical explanations, pieces of advice, warnings and everything you need to carry on a good Web design job. Of course, we are not underestimating the job of the designer: this job is essential. However, we considered very convenient to offer a website to explain the client what to do so that the designer's final job can be the best.

"Company design website" will help you in this endeavour.

The design work is divided in two main parts: the designer's part in which he uses the graphic tools to translate the client's ideas into graphic symbols, and the client's part in which he thinks and creates the best ideas so that the designer translates them into graphic elements. That is why we have decided to help you think the best ideas to get the best result. That is the reason why we have divided this site into different sections to make them more specific. The different sections on this page deal with conceptual, advertising, commercial and strategic issues, and also with some non-complex technical topics.

Corporate Design Website has been thought as a complete guide. Web design, as well as other branches of design, needs the proficiency and skills of the designer to get good results. However, this is not enough. The client's main ideas need to be interesting and effective to get an attractive and versatile site. To enhance the ideas you have in mind, we have rearranged these sections so that you can polish what you think little by little.

So, "Web Design" is a section that defines this discipline and presents its main characteristics. "Advertising Aspects" develops in a full way everything related to publicity and website, the site as the company's advertising factor or as a publicity support. In "Corporative Identity", we deal with the special role of a site in the configuration of the company's image as a result of design elements. "Commercial Benefit" deals with the way or different ways to get great commercial advantages. "Programming" is a section that shows the transformation of a design into a Web page from its translation into HTML. In "SEO", you can find an explanation of the meaning of SEO, what it does and the advantage of the service. And, finally, we have a series of "Common Errors" during the process of design that you need to bear in mind.

This site's goal is to provide the client with a practical guide of Web design. Focusing on the client and not on the designer, we offer you a special alternative. We wish to give you useful information to help you design a great site for your company to be opened to new horizons. Thank you for choosing us to walk this path with you and welcome to this integral site about Web design we thought specially for you.

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