1. Not giving the designer the right steps to follow will make his job a disaster. The designer's job consists in turning the ideas into graphic elements. If you do not give the designer the ideas to do his job, he will not be able to carry it on or, at least, not in a proper way. The client has to give clear ideas for the job and has to explain them properly. The designer will have to make the best to understand the client.

  2. Forbidding the designer to create. This suggestion is both for the designer and the client. The problem is the same if the client does not allow the designer to use his imagination as well as if the designer does not follow his instincts fearing that the client will refuse his ideas. Anyway, it is important to let your imagination flow because that is what the designing job is about. It is true: it is a job and it has to be done, but it is not any job. It is a job which consists in creating and if creation is not developed, it will be a complete failure.
  3. Not listening to the client. Some designers make mistakes when they do not listen to the clients because they think they do not understand designing. Generally, people do not understand about designing and that is why they hire a designer. If the designer does not help the client express himself, think and turn his ideas into concrete results, his job will not be done. Nevertheless, the designer is not the client's assistant, he has to listen to him, take his opinion into account and give him a piece of advice to get good results. Anyway, if the client is stubborn and does not want to consider the designer's proposals, it will be better for the designer not to listen to him.
  4. The use of graphic tools by the client. The design program and all the tools the designer uses are for his exclusive use: the client cannot use them or design with them. If the client starts designing, he will ruin the job. If he wants something very specific, he will have to be clear when expressing himself and be near the designer to show him what he wants. The designer's tools are for the designer's use only, unless the circumstances let the client work with them.

  5. A hard relationship. The relationship between the client and the designer has to be as fluent as possible. That is the key for a good design job. The designer and the client have to form a united team work to get good results. In the words of the Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza, two people working together get better results than two people working on their own.

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