Advertising in the Internet is different from the traditional one. Traditional publicity does not focus its attention on the product or the company but on the ad itself. On the contrary, publicity on the Internet does not pay attention to the ad and focuses on another thing: we will see it later on.

Let's begin by explaining why traditional publicity focuses its attention on the ad rather than on the product. There are two types of publicity: exaggeration of the product's qualities and commotion through the argument. The first one consists in showing a product, service or company (we will call them «product» from now on) in a way that it underlines or exaggerates its qualities. For example: you can see ads of private mail companies which show how the packages are delivered in an extraordinary short period of time. The most common ones are the cleaning products ads which show an extraordinary power to take away the floor's and clothes' dirt. What you can see here is an exaggeration of the product's qualities with the aim of catching the recipient's attention and inducing its purchase.

The second case is also a very frequent one but it is totally different. The commotion through the ad's argument consists in showing values, stories, testimonies, etc, that touch and move the recipient's feelings. After getting commotion, the ad shows the product and by doing this, it manages to move the emotion caused by the argument to the product itself. These ads can be used, with certain limitations, for any product because the argument has nothing to do with what is being sold.

It is true that in the first case, the product's independence is lower. However, the important thing about the ads is to give the product values or power it does not have. In other words, a bad product could have good publicity and be greatly sold.

Now, what happens with the Web? Internet ads are not based on a product and are not grandiloquent -in most cases. The Internet ads are little and modest links to other pages of the company making the publicity from a page that deals with a related topic to the one the company offers. So, bearing in mind that these ads are not so attractive -except for their good locations-, all the responsibility of touching the recipient's feelings and talking him into buying what is being offered, etc, lays on the company's site and not on the publicity it has. That's why it is so important to place the ads in a good position and to have a firm and attractive site which gives confidence and makes the user feel good. That is why it is also so important to hire the right designer for the job and not any person with little knowledge about the topic.

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