As a derivation of graphic design, Web design is the activity in charge of planning and developing Internet sites. Web design consists in the creation of signs and not in the creation of the ideas these signs represent. The designing job is carried out by the designer and the client, half and half. Why? Because a designer cannot work if the client does not give him the ideas to create signs. But let's focus on this issue, which is not so simple.

What is the meaning of creating a sign? Every graphic design is a sign. Every design element is a sign too. A sign is a device, an element that becomes the bridge between a recipient and a concept. For example, the word «fire». The word «fire» has no importance at all but if instead of being «fire» it was «trebnaxet» it would be the same if we all knew the meaning. The word «fire» is not fire itself, it's just a word. The word fire does not mean fire but the concept of fire, the idea people has of fire itself. So, let's move on. Let's forget about the word «fire» and let's suppose that a company hires a designer to design the poster that will be placed near the fire extinguishers of its building. The designer will make a drawing that shows the concept of «fire» -it does not show «fire» but the concept of «fire».

With this simple example, we see what we talk about when we say that the design job consists in creating signs that show ideas. On the case of the fire extinguisher, the designer will have to create signs for a concept that has already many signs. So, the designer's job is to create a NEW sign for a well-known concept. But the creation of this design is not completely free: the new sign has to be similar to others so that the recipient knows what it means.

Bearing this concept in mind, let's continue to focus on each part of the job. If the client does not give ideas, the designer will not be able to do the job properly. In the case of fire, if the client had not told the designer that he wanted a design for the concept of fire, he would have done anything. The ideas need to be clear because if they are not, the job will never be over because the designer will not do what the client wants and will never understand the client's wishes. If the client, instead of asking for a design for the concept of fire, had said «I need a design for the case of fire in a building», the designer would have designed a building in flames and the public would have confused the drawing with the exit.


  • The client gives ideas or concepts.
  • The designer creates the signs.
  • The accuracy to show and explain the ideas guarantees a good job.

Let's talk about the features of a Website in relation to other elements of design. The Website has many interesting characteristics but we will only focus on three: interactivity, the company's presence and the virtual office.

  • Interactivity: It is the distinctive feature of the Website. In contrast with other types of design, the Internet page has a double entrance of information. It means that the other designs transmit a message from the company to the public while the Website admits a response from the public. By this, the company will answer the consumer and there will be a fluid communication with the potential clients. This concept does not only considerably increase the possibilities of selling but also gives an invaluable element of analysis. This interaction between the public and the company gives the last one information about the consumer's conformity, tastes and goals. This is no its only advantage. By being such an important element of design, which is controlled by the user, the interaction takes place again and again. You receive a leaflet, you read it and that's it: you cannot interact with it. On the contrary, when a user visits a site, he chooses what he wants to see, what he does not want to see, etc. So the potential client will be graceful because he received the information he wanted.
  • The company's presence: As the Internet is the most visited place for commercial negotiations, a good presentation will give the company a privileged place in the market in which it competes. Nowadays, the absence of one company on the Web can end up with its life. A good presentation of the company, of its products and services, of distance purchase, etc. will ensure your company's growth and will give it prestige every day.
  • Virtual office: Some years ago, you were able to know the company by its building. Now, the Internet gives you the opportunity to go back to this tradition. Of course, in a different way: some time ago you knew a company by seeing its building with your own eyes, now you can do the same by its Internet site. A Website is the ideal place for people to know the company because companies have become something abstract in the consumer's minds.

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