The Website design is just the first of the two steps to make it complete. A Web design is a mix of graphic elements grouped in a file that corresponds to the program in which the work has been done. Of course, you cannot upload this file to the Internet as a Website.

Why? Follow these steps as an example: open Paint, draw a thumbnail, write the name of a section you would like to have inside of it, save the file when you have finished. Now, open the file and push the thumbnail. What happens? Nothing at all, because that is not a thumbnail: that is the drawing of a thumbnail. The program opens the file in which you have made your drawing (your designer should use Paint for this), «cut» the thumbnail and write in the HTML code which indicates that it is a thumbnail and that if somebody pushes it, the navigator should lead him to the corresponding site.

To sum up, the the programmer's job is to translate the design into HTML language to have a functional site and not just a drawing. Without the job of the programmer, when you write the name of your page on the search engines, you will get an error message. You cannot create a Web page without a programmer.

There are programs that are meant to replace the programmer because they say they automatically do the job. The problem with this code is that it is very repetitive and hard to read for the search engines. It will be wrongly placed in the search results. To have the adequate code, the job must be done by a professional.

How do I hire a programmer? There are three common options:

  1. 1. You can hire a good and reliable freelance designer and a HTML programmer. It will be easier for you to find the first one than the second one, but the designer will give you a good piece of advice on how to do it.
  2. You can also hire a Web design company. This one will offer you a designer as well as a programmer. You won't have to look for one on your own.
  3. You could also hire a designer who works as a programmer as well. Many designers have enough HTML knowledge to perfectly program your Website.

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