A person visits an Internet site because he is looking for one thing: a product, a service, a company, some information, whatever… What does he do? He presses the keyboard 10 times (G-O-O-G-L-E-.-C-O-M). Google is the most visited search engine on the planet but Yahoo and MSN are important too. There are also some minor sites which have their own public too. People look for things on any of them. It is very important for your page to appear on the search results. If you sell pizza, you have to appear in the first 40 places of the «pizza» search -it's just an example, because it is a difficult word to locate on a site.

The results must be good for searches related to your activity. There 'is no use in being well located in searches that have nothing to do with the service you offer because people will not be interested in that.

SEO means search engine optimizer. Search engines are searchers and SEO's are people who know really well how to make your site grow. SEO's job is to modify the design and HTML code so that your site steps up on the list. Then, SEO's get links from other sites and finally, give you recommendations that you will have to strictly follow. However, locating a site is not an easy job. A good locating campaign lasts at least between 6 months and 2 years, so you do not have to get desperate.

The changes made on your site will not change its appearance. However, the search engines robots will «read» them in different ways and will think they should be better located. This is the system to follow: the job has to be done on your site; it has to be enhanced to get better positions. The HTML code improves its location.

Nowadays, many design campaigns offer, among other services, SEO services as well. There are companies that exclusively offer these services. Anyway, no matter who you hire for the job, you have to bear in mind the importance of having a good position and investment. In our opinion, although a SEO is not necessary for a site to formally exist, it is for its existence on the Internet market. The final decision is up to you, but we emphasize our suggestion.

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